The Modern World – Altamont

The Modern World – Altamont

Londoners The Modern World get cruising with their new single ‘Altamont’

Neon soul band The Modern World take you on a cool musical journey with Altamont. A little bit of West Coast sunshine mixed in with some subtle disco normally wouldn’t roll together, but The Modern World make it a seamless blend of two worlds.

Check out the track in the link above.

1 thought on “The Modern World – Altamont

  1. Julia Gordon-Smith June 28, 2018 — 11:01 pm

    Quite agree with this review of Altamont…by ‘The Modern World’ is adorable stuff….R&B inspired pop tunes with a lot of charisma onstage. The Modern World blend catchy, funky, mid 70’s disco with late 70’s Rhythm &Blues, yet the sound is all their own. Motown inspired brass section and funky bass bring the good times to your soul, while Ollie Jame’s wistful blues vocals lend an original and charming edge of vulnerability. Only one innacuracy in the review: two of the ‘Londoners’, are on loan from Glasgow, but I guess I’ll have to pack my back and go where needed to hear ‘The Modern World’ Do Their Thang …. I reckon they are going far.


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