Pirra – Get On Board

Pirra – Get On Board (Official Video)

Sydney’s Pirra have captured the scenic landscape of rural Australia in their dreamynew music video for single Get On Board; a guitar driven pop track which opens with alow guitar riff, dropping in energy for an intimate verse and barreling into a sing-along chorus.

The music video was shot on location over several weeks in South Australia and theNorthern Territory by English Director Laura Smith, and Australian actressGabrielle Miller, who was made famous by her international appearance in theTrivago ads.

Get On Board was a really collaborative process between Laura, Gabrielle andCinematographer Annemarie Lean-Vercoe the story and images unfolded as they traveled.

“For me, Get On Board is a song about travelling, literally and emotionally, and theinterior and exterior worlds that this opens up. It perfectly echoes the journey we captured with Annemarie and Gabrielle,” said Smith.

Somewhat of a quasi family affair, Pirra is part identical twins, Curtis and JeffereyArgent on bass and drums respectively, group mediator James McKendry on guitarand leading front woman Jess Beck on vocals, who can be seen romancing one of the twins.

It’s this family like dynamic that has been the driving force behind their style of songwriting, as the members share a unique honesty that occasionally flairs into passionate competition and disparate attitudes when at the creative table. Get On Board being no exception.

“I went to Curt’s place and left a basic version on his computer while he was indisposed and left by throwing down the gauntlet for him to make it epic. Which he did surprisingly, as it was an empty challenge.” said James.

“That evening he sent the demo back and I really loved what he’d done with it. One guitar riff later plus Jess’ beautiful vocals and Jeff’s drumming chops making all the difference.”

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