Hein Cooper – Hear My Voice

Hein Cooper – Hear My Voice (Official Video)

After zig zagging around the world for 18 months, singer-songwriter Hein Cooper returned to Australian shores this month with a national tour, and a brand new single “Hear My Voice” produced by Hein himself and Will Hicks(Ed Sheeran, James Hersey).

Finishing up the tour in Sydney after a last minute scare where Hein lost his voice for 2 weeks (ironic, considering the song name), to celebrate we give you the clip for “Hear My Voice” (Dir. Tyge Landa); a song about falsehoods and self-constructed versions of ourselves:

“This song is about my experiences with falsehood, of hiding behind a version of myself that I’ve built up in a fantasy influenced by all the information thrown at us in 2018. It’s a conversation that I’m having with myself, basically saying: ‘Are you in there?’”

Hear My Voice” was conceived in a small chalet in the French Alps facing Mont Blanc during a few days off between shows in 2016, and later finished in Cornwall last year in a similarly beautiful and inspiring landscape.Co-Produced by Hein and Will Hicks (Ed Sheeran, James Hersey) in the UK, the foundations of Hein’s indie-pop and folk styles are still present, now with a newfound exploration of other genres such as electronic and RnB.

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