BIGSOUND’s first announcement hits today, with the first three forums, two keynotes and a host of buyers and influencers added to the brand-new program which will be focused onparticipation from delegates in the unpacking of important industry issues.


The first three forums will include ‘The New Music Business’ a forum for participants to float brand new ideas and ways of making things happen in our diverse industry. A place for participants to challenge the status quo and “old school” rules, this session will create important debate and a real opportunity for change.

The second forum will ask the question “What would the current music industry look like if it was invented by our First Nations people?”. Instead of starting from a position of how we ‘integrate’ First Nations music into the existing industry framework, BIGSOUND will turn things on its head to search for and celebrate lessons and ideas that we can learn from Indigenous perspectives. This community-focused session will be a unique opportunity to listen, learn and take on board Indigenous perspectives to allow for real innovation across our sector.

Changing Music Industry Behaviour” will take a mature and complex look at how change can occur. We’ll look at the psychology of change and how our industry can create sustained momentum. This will be your chance to discuss the ups and downs of your culture change efforts and get some advice from the wisdom of the crowd.

“In following with the times, this year BIGSOUND is putting content front and centre as the core element of the conference,” said BIGSOUND programmer Maggie Collins. “With information readily available at anyone’s fingertips, we wanted to move further away from a talking-heads format and create an interactive environment for true ‘IRL’ conversations to take place. Our motivation in building this year’s program is to create the neutral ground on which our industry can progress in a uniting, nurturing and welcoming way. Our two first keynote speakersencompass this idea perfectly, with one of the most badass label execs turned indie company CEO Mardi Caught, and the mother of Rock herself, Virginia Grohl.”

Virginia Grohl, mother to Foo Fighters frontman Dave and author of ‘From Cradle to Stage’has lived what it’s like to raise a rock star. Her book interviews the mothers of Michael Stipe, Adam Levine, Amy Winehouse, Miranda Lambert, Kelly Clarkson and Dr Dre, looking at how these amazing women encouraged and nurtured future industry leaders and how they dealt with the dangers, excitements, joys and milestones in their children’s lives. And whether they still remind them to pack a warm coat before they leave on tour.

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